December 12, 2017

J-Culinary offers more than just catering to your business. We bring our passion for great food and the culinary arts to you. Providing exceptional full-service catering to businesses in the Boston and Metrowest areas, J-Culinary is the
perfect solution for a busy day at the office.

From start to finish, J-Culinary catering services cover the set up and clean up of every appointment. Offering a variety of options to meet your needs and standards, we can provide action stations, plated service, or a full buffet. Our services include breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday or once a month. Along with the option of customizing your own menu, J-Culinary can also provide rotating menus for every day of the week.

Service with a sincere smile, we take pride in making our clients happy when they see the presentation and even happier when they taste what’s being presented. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, the food will be the highlight of your busy day at the office. Create a weekly menu by choosing from your favorite cuisines, such as Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and American, served buffet style or individually. Either way, the food is unforgettably and undeniably delicious.